book: visions of the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns, n.w. order, reign of the antichrist, visions of just about all from HOly Spirit

  • look what Jesus said to the prophet jeremiah

  • Jesus threatens, scares, tortures, laughs

  • Jesus tole me he causes servants to fall by the wayside

  • tortures are almost nonstop and worsen as I go on

  • Holy Ghost baptizm and persecution

  • I see Jesus laughing at me often as he wounds me

  • heaven in visions, of course making it there seem impossible, but Jesus told me to fast till death

  • youll say who can be saved after reading bout persecution

  • Jesus tortures me to make me backslide to tell others I did not want to serve no more

  • Jesus tole me he would live for the Father if treated like this

  • look at what a christian goes thru behind closed doors

  • God kills all day long and told me, its to make me run from him

  • God kills all day long and told me, its to make me run from him

  • I did not want to perish, but, Jesus tries to make me perish persecuting

  • I see Jesus laughing at me and he causes the pain

  • Jesus talked about in bible, unless you hate your life, well, he helps me hate my life

  • I wonder how many are in hell cause Jesus persecuted them, made them perish

  • shall we gather at the lake of fire to entertain Jesus who tortures his own children

  • Jesus leads me to commit suicide, tells me he will drive me to kill my self

  • killed all day long is Jesus trying to make you hate him by torturing you

  • Jesus almost non stop tortures servant to make servant backslide to be laughed at by people and God

  • Jesus is threatening me even as I put this page up, but, if I did not put page up Jesus would have done it anyway, totures

  • Jesus tole me to fast for 200 days

  • driving is dangerous with Jesus messing with me

  • send me your dreams

  • Jesus gives me dreams where I choke, cant breathe

  • torturing me brings joy to the lauging face of Jesus I see in visions

  • if I was doing this stuff, i would not want you to know

  • most christians will perish is my guess cause Jesus tortures

  • Jesus threatens me and says, "come on", and calls me a worm, meaning I dont matter

  • wonder if my face will have boils tommorrow when I get up like has happend twice, 3 times, or

  • will Jesus use me up, get my youth and then throw me away, heavy persecution going on since about october 2005

  • what a battle trying to stay saved and the Lord tries to make me perish and laughs at me

  • terrified in visions is unimaginable

  • Jesus sicked satan on JOB, the word considered means, "war", ruin, make perish, make backslide: And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?

  • Jesus told me he did not want me to be exalted like another famous servant, so hes been trying to make me backslide heavier now since about 10-2005 torturing, and told me, that I was a worm, a worm does not matter

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  • now Holy Ghost persecution on google

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  • persecuted

  • this is terrified in visions

  • my persecuted face, before

  • youtube God action

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  • Jesus will do this to you if you get saved
  • when Jesus more for your destruction then salvation like JOB

  • does Jesus save out of sin to destroy soul in salvation

    the holy Ghost entered my body like a body my perfect size and starting day one, JOB said the Lord wrinkled him, terrified in visions, Jesus tortures, deforms, gum deseases, ruins, tries to strip wife, Job, threatens to put family in grave or hospital, terrorises in visions, JOB in bible, said, "the terrors of God", Jesus in visions spoke most of what is on this website and does it

    bob hickman tells how Jesus treats after He comes inside like a body your perfect size, JOB 6:4 For the arrows of the Almighty are within me, the poison thereof drinks up my spirit: the terrors of God do set themselves in array against me . just like JOB, just tap on video with your mouse, my voice and lips dont match here, so, enjoy knowing what Jesus is like after he comes in, while Jesus tortures I see him in visions laughing at me, and saying and yelling things like, 'I got you", "backslide", and Jesus told me I was perfect, "> bob hickman tells how Jesus treats after He comes inside like a body your perfect size, just like JOB, just tap on video with your mouse, my voice and lips dont match here, so, enjoy knowing what Jesus is like after he comes in, while Jesus tortures I see him in visions laughing at me, and saying and yelling things like, 'I got you", "backslide", and Jesus told me I was perfect, on about 4-14-2011-I saw Jesus in a vision and he looked and sounded like he was crying and said something like, "take me off that website, take me off of there, take me off of there, and maybe more, but the HOly Ghost keeps right on torturing and disfiguring me.

    the bible says God is love, look what God does after he saves
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  • the death fast has begun and may lead to my funeral

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  • the bible says God is love, look what God does after he saves
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  • the death fast has begun and may lead to my funeral

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    • JOB 7:14 Then thou scarest me with dreams, and terrifiest me through visions:

      JEsus speaks this to me on about 11-2-2010, -I the LOrd try to cause my children to perish by manifold temptations, starting day one, I caress penus with electricity, causing it to get hard, make gums deseased by shooting them with fiery darts, put boils on face and, deseases on body, causing body to heat up like furnace, making sweat, letting child see me in visions scaring and laughing at him while he suffers, I mess with his heart causing anger and jelousy, its to ruin saith the Lord, I cause facial muscles to tighten when moving, stretching and wrinkling face, saith Jesus,

      5-17-2010- bob I make my children run from me that is what I mean by killed, I torture, and, maim, make their knees hurt, ruin there faces, causing muscles to tighten, and, move, stretching to, tear, and, wrinkle, deseasing their gums, causing tooth loss, making, them hurt, deseasing their bodies, laughing, at them, in, visions, if they dont run then they will, make me the open mock, like, I wanted to make, bob, like JOB, people laugh cause, I torture, saith God, I, flow on their dicks making them hard, caressing, mess with their hearts, causing hatred, persecution is me Jesus trying to ruin my children, make them perish, count the cost, saith God, I lie and tease them, raise up enemies against, trying to make them the servants ruler, I hate saith the Lord, I made you for my pleasure, i'll ruin you if you come to me, saith the Lord, just try me, I got, paul tortured, when, he, didnt need to go thru nothing, but, it was, to, make, me laugh, and make him perish, 2-10-2010-im going bob to drive you to suicide to persecution you, torturing your face, tellem, said, Jesus, I, dont care, I, was betrayed, and I betray my people till they backslide, then after seeing, them walk, desolate of me, I had mercy, compassion, if they dont fall away, JOB, is what I do to them, ruining their face, to laugh, mock at their calamity, by causing their face muscles, to tighten, when, winking, opening, mouth, to laugh at you cause you trusted me and I betray you all day, I will hurt you so deep in your heart, lying to you, teasing, you, betraying, raising up people against you and wont help you, die fasting you little slobberly mouth, thats all, you are to me, saith the Lord, I make my servants walk in circles, spin when stopped, cause hair and gum loss, torture, I make my servants hate me to hide them, cause them to backslide, live, backslided, and, laugh, at, their, calamity, I saw Jesus in a vision on 11-27-2009, and he said this, "I would not serve myself if I treated me like that" Jesus spoke this to me on 1-24-2010-do something go out and die you little looser, I will drive you to suicide to get rid of you cause you know I torture my children, ripping their faces, tightening their muscles in face, careesing penus with electricity, deseasing boby, making hair and gum tooth loss, to ruin, I the Lord will take youth make them so ugly they cant bare to go around other people, putting boils on face, bob you can not not let me do one thing, go hide in iniquity, in the world untill I change toward you, i'll laugh at you committing sin in front of those that you witnessed to saith the LOrd, Im teasing you bobby to drive you to suicide and you lived for me flawlessly saith God, I betray, die fasting and I will stomp on you in hellfire and laugh at you cause you lived for me instead of doing what you wanted and I betray saith the LOrd, im teasing you to make you perish, that is what I do to all my children, I will drive you to the lake of fire everyday untill you die, I hate everybody and made people for my pleasure, jack me off, saith the LOrd, cum, masterbate, you single little bastard saith God, you married me now cum with out a wife, I, hate everybody saith the LOrd, come to me to get treated like this, 4-11-2009-its because you know me, said, Jesus, persecution is me Jesus trying to make my servants loose thier salvation by manifold temptations like, careesing thier sex organs with electricity, like oral sex, stripping heart of desire to live for me, teasing, scaring by what I say to them, making thier faces bag, sag, wrinkle, hair loss, laughing at them, letting them see me, like people do a little dog, trying to get them and others thru them to speak blasphemy against the HOly Ghost, it is not my will that any perish, but get saved and I the Lord will kill you all day long, those who dont make it are ROMANS 1, saying what I know will hurt them deep in thier hearts, making them hate me, cause I want them to be backslided, saith the Lord, for no reason, I torture people to keep them humble in my eyes, they are not humble in my eyes unless they cant bare to live anymore cause I wounded them thousands of times, I will make you perish to laugh at you, I torture people I save to make most of them fall away, im trying to make you perish to mock you, bob you can not bare what I do to you but I want you to perish, for no reason, that makes lava hotter saith God, cause, I betrayed, I want to make you embarrased, so, im strong and your weak, I hate myself for torturing innocent people, almost every eye blink I tighten your eye muscles, cause your penus to move from flowing on, torture, because you are perfect I am jelous just like JOB, I told JOB to perish, I want you to run from me like I wanted JOB, to ruin, I will laugh if you do, cause you wasted your time, fast till death, and Ill, either, let you die or stop, and fix, this is to ruin servants, cause I mock them while torturing, I drove and lead you to suicide, I hated you, bob you will not leave me alone, let me put you in the lake of fire if I want to, go and sin and maybe ill call you back later, cause I betray my children, saith God, bob Im wanting you cut off to embarras you, let people you witnessed to see you sinning, to openly mock, im tempting you bob to steal your salvation I want people to perish, after I save them to laugh at them, I talk to them teasing the way I do, it, shoot beams into face to cause muscles to move and rip, enter into heart and anger, I will save cause I wanted to make you backslide, i destroyed and cry, Jesus tells me on 12-28-2009-that he wants me to die lost, and has showed me he wants to laugh at me as he sees me in hellfire, cause he betrayed me over and over and over, and this is funny to Jesus the creator of all, and Jesus told me he caused moses to perish at the end of his walk: bob I can not do one thing but come against you, I want you to die lost Jesus speaks this 4-2010-bob I am now saying in my heart I would have been better off not creating people cause all I want to do to them is what i'm doing to you, torture, bob you see that grass, you will cut that, three days into your fast and I will say go and die, you hide from me in sin to be abated saith God, live for me so I can torture you, said, Jesus, prayforme-Holy Ghost baptizm feels like a body perfect size coming in, then Jesus does this, God spoke and its worse then told here: 4-13-2010-you will not eat for one month, then at the brink of death I the LOrd will stop betraying you, I will fix the damage I caused you cause I wanted you to perish so bad I tortured and maimed you, caressing wiener with electricy, disfiguring face with boils and causing muscles to tighten when moving facial muscles, deseasing gums and body, giving dreams where you choke, laughing at you in visions, I hate all people,
      Jesus speaks this on 4-19-2010-God persecutes to laugh at his servants, torturing, maiming, marring them, bob I ruint dumitru to make him die lost after I used him, so perish, saith the LOrd, or be maimed, cause I want to laugh at my betrayal of your service to me, hollie, the Lord told JOB to perish and now he is wanting you to follow in his footsteps saith God, its for no reason, but to laugh, at your hurt,
      Jesus speaks this in 4-2010-I become jelous when the servant is perfect, heres how you can not make me embarrased, cause I will do it to everybody,
      Jesus says this on 4-26-2010-i'm ripping your face to make you perish, tearing, wrinkling, laughing at you to cause you to hate me, saith God, to, make you perish, this is why I save people to laugh at their being tortured by me, bob I am, telling you to die now or fasting, cause I wont let you live and you being exalted in revelations, bob you should have never came to me, cause I will not let you live to tell people what I'm doing to you to make me embarrased, but I would have laughed if you backslide and people mocked you, I will laugh at you dying because I betrayed you saith the LOrd, persecute, said, Jesus, me back, come on, go ahead and tell people to count the cost, 10-10-9-11-2013-bob, hollie appeared, like one of them characters, its cartoon hollie, bob she answered, we cant, but wont, but will, thats woman from ripleys believe it or not, they, examine and tremble, put it under, bob, thats hollie phone hammo, waking up, like little hollie cartoon character, on phone, new, but, they wont use, but want, you saith God, bob, guiness world book or records, thats you on the front page, and ripleys beleive it or not, woman sees it, but they all tremble, everytime you come around, bob, its hollie doing her very own radio show, thats her with headphones on, bob it will, thats you, see these people, its they think, you have God in your body and you are not wanting nothing, its hollie looking at radio broadcasting show, and her applying, bob its pastor, he trembles, be nice, thats you back, its, speedway church of Christ, church of God in Christ, hollie thought, one or the other, but hollie showed, sleep, thats uh choice, hollie said, its janette appearing, not looking happy but smiled, she is wanting you again bob, she will not want to leave, dont let or put out but you will want her back, heres how you keep, just keep spending money, bob its thursday church, hollie said, she looked, tried to, find one, its group hammo hollie said, she saw, its, holy ghost enters like a body group, like page, with eyes, forming into group, im the group, it said, had hands, of light, its Jesus standing up against, theres Gods hammo singing, street clock, speedway, indiana, its big clock with lit face but not time was showing, no anything, just light face, but face appeared, but hollie saw, clock gone, hollie showed turn, golden hand, showed bob its battery, angelic head coming out, waking up, bob charge, bob, hollie called, its guiness world book of records, and ripleys believe it or not, bob its they will look at and wonder,