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gum desease and God telling me he doesnt need for me to have teeth to be despised, but if I got false, is that abomination

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  • Jesus tole me I dont need for you to have any teeth 3-19-2007-I was going to remove this page and right before I felt electricity build on my Privites so Ill leave it right here and see what God does. vision of Christ Jesus-vision recieved 3-22-2007-I saw Jesus in a vision and he said, "loose teeth". God says, Im bringing you back right now, cause I have casted you out by killing all day long, like paul, that is, to offend you and drive y ou out, to keep you humble in my eyes, this causes people to hate me, by, offending them, non stop, all the time, always, betraying, them to keep humble in my eyes, like it or not saith the LOrd, this is what I do, I will not let my servants keep thier teeth cause I want them despised by people, but this causes them to fall away, ROMANS 1, persecution, I steal thier teeth, slowly over years, by small recession, then, heal, and even that offends, cause I know when to do it, this keeps humble, so, If you want to keep your teeth, dont serveme saith the LOrd, cause I dont care if you do, keep teeth.