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pray for my funeral

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  • Jesus said this on 3-6-2010 and I saw him: bob i am a terror to my own children saith the Lord vision of Jesus Christ-vision recieved 3-22-2007-in a vision, I saw Jesus and he pointed and said, "abate", and I saw my pastor who is dead now with no teeth in his mouth. vision of Jesus-vision recieved 3-22-2007-I saw Jesus and he said, "didnt you give me your promise", "and that was, I could do what I wanted with you, abated, all day long till you walk away, I wont quit until you leave, or run out of time, saith the LOrd, cause, this, keeps humble in my eyes, you are laughing at me in your heart, and have told you will have gum grafts, but, I will cut you off if you do saith the LOrd, and you say, go for it, and I say, dont, and you say, I didnt ask for your permission gum thief, now hear the word of the LORd, I will, not let, but if you do, and I miss you, I will keep you cause you will, and wont let nothing stop, cause I, constantly betray you by offending, ha ha saith the LOrd, this is prophesying, recievingvisions while right there, and telling what they tell you, ministering spirits, and Jesus, now, go, 4-14-2007-now I often smell what a uterus smells. THis is the newest torment, and I heard, "God knows how to offend you and wants to". 4-17-2007-while sitting at the computer working, I feel electricity flowing over the top of my penus, and my gums keep swelling, inflating, and the Lord keeps saying things that offend me, tease. I saw Jesus, and! he said something like, "I want you out", you wrecked", and was told something like, "I want you to backslide for two months and if I miss you, Ill call you back", 'let me alone bob". God puts a new heart in me all the time so I can take this, cause what he told me and is doing is stripping my desire to live for Jesus right out of me by causing me to hate him and knows how, what to say, etc. I remember once after about 4 hours a prayer and was weepy, while walking to use restrrom, I saw Jesus in a vision on furnace and he saidsomething that threw me in a rage, and just felt a shot of electricity shoot on my peter. Electricity keeps shooting on my penus even though God knows I dont like that. "im wanting you to fall away, saith the LOrd, to make you an example of being on top and falling to the bottom". as that was being said to me, some of the words were being pronounced wrongly, and God told me long ago that he was going to do that, and it teases, and even told me that he would make so I did not even want to get out of bed, depress me is what that means, or, he told me something like, "I will tell the people that I aint doing nothing to you".
    Jesus said this on 3-27-2010-bob I am now saying in my heart I would have been better off not creating people cause all I want to do to them is what i'm doing to you, torture, said, Jesus,