, Jesus gives gum desease, wheres my teeth

let God save you and torture you today


the holy Spirit came my body like a body my perfect size like me floating into you or you into me and I got gum desease, and one day, I knew where it came from. Jesus gives it. I was laying on my couch and it felt like fiery electric needles being rained into my gums, sticking in, then like the needles being forced deeper and my gums inflated with desease, and when the needles hit my gums, it sounded like an explosion and I saw the Lord Jesus in a vision and he said to me things like, "I betray", "I dont need for you to have any teeth", "I want my people embarrases'.

tell this to many people, show them how much God who calls himself in the bible, love, shows his sweat affection

JOB 7:14 Then thou scarest me with dreams, and terrifiest me through visions:

JOB also mentioned, "the terrors of God". now lets let Jesus experience the terror of not getting away any more