The worlds first naked servant of God! bob hickman removes clothes after God goes into his body

God comes into my body, as the body of an islamic ghost. my same size, and shows me non stop visions of spirits that look like people, and they said:6-21-2014-bob, hollie said, showed time, light watch, face on, got sad, its, them, she pointed, they are coming, antonio will not like, but will join them, and angel will want him out, and put him out, put it under, let them, hollie said, 6-22-2014-bob, God said, Jesus, no, hand, wiped lips, its he, him hollie, appearing, hes laughing, bob the arabs, are going to kill you, when they find you, Jesus points, they wont, theres barack obama, being told, its, joseph biden, we have uh problem, he said, its bob hickman, barack laughs, shakes yes, picks up phone, kill him, barack obama said, theres c.i.a., walking to you, and you see, but, he wont come on, but you wave him in, and ask him, why do they want, you to stop, and he leaves, thats you, asking for money and you get, but you dont stop and barack laughs, but you dont get killed, you tell the king of saudi arabia, its all right, I wont mess with, do it, he whispers, kill, he wants, 6-23-2014-bob, God said, Jesus wiped lips, but it wasnt him, its, hey, hollie said, sneaky, him hollie, laughing, hollie was like worker, she drove truck, bob it will lead to bigger and better, keep job for one year, hollie looked, suprised, its p.a.w., they will accept you, thats go to their school, and charles ellis didnt want, but he said, yes, but you were not there, but at grace, pastoring, saith God, 6-24-2014-bob, its the phone, many hollie said, God said, its, janette, in jail again, I wont see you anymore, letter said, and you didnt care, then another, please help me, but you didnt, put it under, there she is again, and you would not see her, but didnt care, its the phone, hollie said, she was on phone, its antonio, another version, bob get deposit, or dont do, they wont leave without, saith God, hollie screamed, he showed, hey hollie said, its me, bear hand, bob you can screw her, just give it time, thats hair growing back and you looking at her, and her, she, looks away, but knows, put it under, she talks to you, in time, and you make offer, she walks away, you give her card, she calls, and you go to her, but she wont let, but you force, then she loves, you, 6-25-2014-bob, hollie said, hes, cut off, showed, knows, but, wont mess with, likes, but wont come to your church, but he knows, you will get him in trouble, bob watch people like him, he will report you and laugh, but wont, heres why, cause he knows, you will get all in trouble, 6-26-2014-she said, hollie said, showed, git goin, its, church, she showed, one hand, thats happy church hammo, like lighted face, its like, dull blue, bob, its, gto, buy one, they are cheap, you will love, but, hammo got sad, heres why, its them, he said, showed, with finger, they dont have no people, and you will find, but, slowly, and they wont want to, stay with angel, saith God, 6-27-2014-bob hollie, God said, and her, theres Gods hammo, like angelic light man, he sang, raise your hands and repeat after me, if antonio shows up, leave, let them call police, saith God, 6-28-29-2014-bob, hollie put angel out, its the best, she said, appeared, bob hollie said, showed, drive truck, God said, your translations, God said, Jesus thought, rubbed chin, not it was him, hollie said, but he hollie, appears, laughs, like up to something, bob your going to be with janette, you will love you, just wait, God said, 6-30-2014-BOB, HOLLIE SAID, SHOWED, DONT USE CAPITAL, ITS, same he hollie, shoved over a J, its, capital, for Jesus, hollie and God said, put it under, hollie looked at light watch, showed, time, heres, light watch, go unhappy, its him coming out, like ghost, and showing, hes white, its belarus, its shaking, theres estonio, shaking, hollie comes out, its whole continent, she said, spoke it, she said, hands clapped, hollie appeared later, 7-13-2014-bob, hollie said, showed time, its light watch, face on, going sad, its, them, he said, pointed, came out of watch, its be nice to pastor, its children, they are not telling, dont make him jelous, but be nice, gentle, hollie said, then you wont have no problems, bog, get friends, hollie showed light watch, it glowed, hurry, she said, spoke, but it was God, something pointed, but, hollie smiled, reappeared, 7-1-2014-bob its bangladesh, its, sh, hollie said, hidden, till now, thats your new translation, bob, its beaming, hollie and God said, its true, accurate, God and hollie said, put it under, sh, hollie said, showed, her light watch, showed, fill out application real quick, bob its time, angel is coming, but you dont want him, so fill out quick, saith the Lord, hollie said, 7-2-2014-bob, hollie said, showed, light watch, face on, not happy, its translations, your still changing, but now you have, thats iceland, they are, not wanting you, private, hollie said, but, you will get, change all translations, make perfect, and now, they know, thats them talking, now they know, God is in him, and he is telling, thats, all of styx, last time, God put that band together, to, thats, God being entertained, they will not reunite, cause new singer, he is dennis deyoung, they wont let back, saith the Lord, 7-3-2014-bob, showed, time, its, light watch, face on, was awake, but slept, but woke up, God said, 7-4-2014-bob, hollie said, she blew, its on church, now empty, keep it empty for awhile, theres church hammo, sad, like face, of light, but got happy again, its angel lopez, hes back, watch, with bunch, god said, 7-5-2014-bob, hollie said, its hollie, like blue, outlined drawing, crying out, but turning to normal, happy, bob the people, she said, are crying out, and you cant come, even thou they know, God is fucking with you, saith the Lord, but this was hollie, God and hollie said, 7-6-2014-bob, hollie showed, wring out the towell, its angel lopez, hes on his way, now, you wont have to drive a truck, but you will anyway, thats hollie in semi, its tractor, trailer, thats it, new world order hammo, happy but Got sad, like lighted round face, showed, with light hand, its truck next to church, hammo takes bob out of truck, and whew, he was dressed nice, and puts behind pulpit, hollie and God said, 7-7-2014-bob, hollie showed time, she left, got up, she said, spoke it, God said, this time, hollie said, pointed at God, 7-8-2014-bob, hollie showed, stretch, its work time, she, went to moving company, good clothes appeared on, she interviewed, and it went well, but thats her, waiting for phone call, it never came, heres why, nobody wanted you, and you are not desired, 7-9-2014-bob, you see him, hollie said, did something with hands, bob its red, hollie and God, said, I did say, she said, you will have sex, marry red, and tell her, I dont care, stay or leave, she will go, but come back, and when you get going, thats her living with, and being faithful, and janette comes around, and you go there, and redd lets her move in, and you dont care, but screw both, red leaves, but comes back, saith God, see, its brother milliner, he will attack you tonight, and tell people, its not real, ronny milliner said, but knew, thats him, showing, I should have zipped my lip, God said, 7-10-2014-bob, God said, hollie, showed time, light watch, face on got sad, came out like angel man, showed, its angel of light, man, kuwait city, thats man, its shrugging, Lord he said, how can this be, hey, hollie said, she came out, sleeves started rolling up, its him, she said, he laughed, he did, same angel, inside bob, God said, 7-11-2014-bob, hollie showed time, showed mow lawn, 7-12-2014-bob, hollie made sound with mouth, its, like, slurp, shes, not wanting, thats her, but hollie, like wicked hollie, laughs, she is, the radio woman, and wont marry, but will die, thats door closing, its for last time, Lord I should have married, silvana said, 7-13-14-2014-bob, hollie said, showed time, its light watch, face on, going sad, its, them, he said, pointed, came out of watch, its be nice to pastor, its children, they are not telling, dont make him jelous, but be nice, gentle, hollie said, then you wont have no problems, bog, get friends, hollie showed light watch, it glowed, hurry, she said, spoke, but it was God, something pointed, but, hollie smiled, reappeared, she said, hollie said, showed, get going, God said, hollie wore, hammo thought, its uh red dress, hammo like pickle man, 7-15-2014-bob, hollie said, hands showed, thru with, its, they cant hire you, you verify yourself, and they wont do, but like it, put it under, hollie said, that man, wont do, didnt want, but wont hire, needs more money, wants help, but not you, God said, 7-16-2014-bob, leave people alone, saith God, they are, thats God trembling, and lisa, single now, watch, she looks at you, and accepts, but doesnt want, saith God, 7-17-2014-bob see, hollie said, pointed, long hand, red dress, showed, clothes, buckled shoes, bobby its dont, go, thats hollie driving spotting truck, and she got money, but didnt stay long, thats woman firing, its over, that, red, she, married, thats bob and red, marry, JEsus said, 7-18-2014-bob, hollie, she, God thought, hollie shoved over, its, capitol God, it stands for, hollie said, God, both, he and she, God said, hollie showed, walk, red dress, thats putin, it was hollie, showing, thats missile going on, hollie watches, malaysian airline, face appears in, explodes, hollie appeared, God said, thats her, wearing red dress, buckled shoes, hollie wants, you to do story, only katie murphy and bob hickman can do, heres why, God said, but, Jesus appeared, thought, its to hard to write, he wont, but wants to, saith God, hollie appeared, with pen, red dress on, buckled shoes, which, they were black, its, God said, and hollie, but, thats missile, going up, thats, hey, hollie said, thats uh russian military man, he became afraid, whoops, he said, thats jet liner, going down, face on jet liner, im doomed, jet liner said, thats it hitting, ground, exploding, thats, the other malaysian, airliner, thats missile striking it, but, hey, hollie and God said, its, accident to, saith God, hollie appeared, hey, she said, had pen, wrote, thats bobs picture appearing, its on, she said, and I stamp, time magazine, do story, it will sell, but, face looks, afraid, its, theres Gods angel, he sang, raise your hands and repeat after me, same face of jet liner, its missile from israel, thats iraq exploding, thats many rockets, leaving, iraq, thats, its, gaza shall be forsaken, God said, exploded, thats smoke going up, its nuclear, Jesus said, thats another missile, leaving, israel, the whole nation of iraq exploded, lets rule the world, putin sang, its, president of china, with, and theres mexican president, medvedev hands him pens, he signs, shakes, but doesnt want, hey, God said, its, brazil president, and venezuelan president, and dont you for get, about, me, castrol said, there you have it, but wait, God said, theres, Gods angel singling, the president of north korea, and missile going around his nation, but going back, striking, thats, hey hollie yelled, los angeles class, submarine, in ocean, appearing, but, barely, thats, its what starts it, God said, 7-19-2014-bob, hollie said, showed, light watch, she gave head, its him, go get, take now, he will let, but wont want, but watch, he will take money and run, 7-20-2014-bob, bobby, hollie and God said, hollie looked at light watch, face came out, sad, its red, she will come back, but just wait, thats your marrying her, and she not caring, but didnt leave, and you screwing, saith God, it was satan, hollie said, but looked affeared, Jesus head, coming out of white horse, and, had, like chicken feathers, which were white, 7-21-2014-she said, hollie said, showed many things, its you wont post them, hollie and God said, but, she blew, on light watch, bob its your time, thats you behind pulpit, red coming in, happy, marrying you, put it under, hollie, blew, showed, be still, 7-22-2-14-she said, hollie showed, do something, she mowed lawn, shew, it was hard work, she said, showed, God said, its, angel, tube going to mouth, both of white light, soon bob, you will be dead and it wont matter, the people of romania, now know, God, I lied, Jesus, it, hollie and God said, put it under, hollie looked at light watch, redd will be back, hollie looked, he pointed, but didnt want, to, change, but had on himself, God said, it had face on, bob red wants you, to, wait, thats her happy, I will work it out, saith God, thats, you marry, hollie said, she, will cheat, but be hateful, and, want you out, but you didnt leave, and she loved, 7-27-2014-bob, hollie said, sh, she said, its lupi, he has the money, dont let him, its dont trust, thats pastor lupi, looking around, he is a conn, wants cheap, thats how hes doing, bargaining, God, stepped in, thats Jesus stepping in, and stopping, thats lopez moving in, and not paying, and challenging, hollie said, showed, girl, dont, she wants, give time, loose more weight, then, thats you and her, she loves, but doesnt do anything, 7-28-2014-hollie said, she blew, on arm, its woman, she will call, and talk, and invite over, thats her giving head, watch, she wants, it will be, hollie looks at Jesus, soon, God said, hollie stamped, scene spun, bob its iraq, thats, its, hollie said, raise your hands and repeat after me, she said, the edmund fitzgerald, ship, still there, sunk, bob thats iraq, man, were at war, was in terror, but didnt show it, bob its you, causing, thats irving baxter, looking at, and fear, hes, shaking, breathless, thats him, knowing, its you, and what Gods doing, 7-29-2014-bob, hollie showed, be quiet, put finger to mouth, but some body, its him, made sh, noise, he laughs, hey, hollie said, theres some trickery here, bob, its jewish, sh, she or, him, said, hes, afraid now, 7-30-2014-bob, hollie showed, time, she left, face on light watch, go home, face said, sad like child, bob its syria, cut it off, God said, it, he appeared, Jesus, God and hollie said, 7-31-2014-bob, hollie looked at light watch, it was sad, face on, came out somewhat, showed, its jacobson companies, bob they are looking at you right now, and thinking, its not verifiable, recruiter said, but, they call, hire, to fire later, heres why, bob its you, you wont do much anymore, saith God, 8-1-2014-bob, hollie showed light watch, time, face on, not happy, like birdy, but went angel, theres, hollie screwing, its red again, she liked, but didnt act like, bob when she leaves, let, dont stop, God said, 8-2-2014-bob, check, that, two hollies said, its lupi, hes coming, soon, God said, 8-3-2014-bob, hollie said, its pastor lupi, hes coming, today, watch, hollie and God said, 8-4-2014-bob, hollie showed, its pastor lupi, God said, hollie showed, take it easy, wanting to buy, and you are not wanting to sell, and he knows, the time is coming, Im cut off, pastor lupi lopez, showed, but, they wont care, dont tell, he understood, thats hollie, happy, its hollie fucking redd agin, she comes back God, said, theres janette, screw, thats her leaving, let, saith God, 8-6-2014-hollie showed time, only hands seen, but rest was there, she showed eat, God sAid, 8-7-2014-bob, hollie showed time, Ghost man, on light dial, of watch, hes, white light, bob, its them, God said, hollie points, thomas hill, he will want to buy, but lease, bob tell him where its at, let him know, God said, 8-8-2014-bob, hollie said, its millers transportation, they wont hire you, but will laugh, thats, him looking at, left estes, and estes doesnt know, put it under, hollie looked at watch, but was like him at first, driver recruiter, hes, nice, be gentle, hollie showed, 8-9-2014-sh, hollie said, spoke it, its, 8-10-2014-bob, bobby, its them, tear up, hollie said, and like dark hollie, she appeared, but, they think, thats satan, said, pastor, but now he knows, I spoke blasphemy, both said, put it under, now they both will quit going to church, and the others cant pay, now your down to lupi, and he is embarrased, bob its you, your not trustworthy, and he lies to God said, 8-11-2014-bob, hollie said, spoke it, showed get going, thats hollie with suitcase, and blue jeans on, thats her, in, its, and I stamp, hollie said, tusla, oklahoma, and, you are not, going to stay, but will like it there, put it under, keep lupi informed, he will cut the grass, but thats you cutting it for the most part, saith God, bob, lupi, hes, thats him shaking, not knowing how it will go, theres you cutting grass, dressed, its work clothes, jeans, hollie said, marrying red, and, you lowering rent, saith God, for redds hand, saith God, bob, this arab man, God said, thats him laughing, we need arms, tell him, israeli missile defence, can be beat, but, sending in missiles, with, electric jamming software and device on, 8-14-2014-BOB, BOBBY, HOLLIE SAID, HOLLIE THAT SHOWS, USE CAPITAL, IS SHOWING, USE SMALL, LETTERS, God and hollie said, but now, he moves is, scene changes, is beast coming out, of, like whirlwind, its pope, bobby, heres how, thats pope in russia, hollie stamps, and, 8-15-2014-bob, it was hollie, lets see, which one, janette, its her, redd, both, put it under, hollie said, spoke it, marry both, and have two wives, theres katrina later, she will do it, its, for the money, God said, it appeared, God said, 8-19-23-2014-bob, hollie said, bob, hollie said, its new girl, start looking, hollie showed with big hand, its redd, hollie said, she is afraid, appeared, God said, she will not be able to get free this time, tnats it indexing, googlebot angel appears, like over weight, white ghost man, its red, he said, she trembled, when they called her, its for her disability, they will not let her get it, thats her and you marrying, but she will not want you, and you will not want her, its the tent, its at, 8-24-2014-hollie comes out, showed, om thru with it, she said, rubbed hands, its redd, she will marry, thats bob and red marrying, its to get her out of trouble, thats her wanting to run, and bob not letting, but it was hollie, bob not seen, hollie ate, hollie showed thru with, france exploded, and, its turkey, on fire, thats many missile strikes, hollie looked, from high above, thats america with man, and moon, like stunned, as smoke covers, its im, sun said, sun glasses on, thats sun and moon at Gods interviewing table, bob dont take it, hollie said, red appears, crys, but you wont listen, she turns violent, but your prepared and stop her, and then rape her, she lays next to you, wanting to leave, and gets up, but lays back down, next day, bob she will never leave, god said, pointed at you, Jesus said, but he hollie, its him, a she one said, use capitol, he said, showed, Jesus, moved over, but nose grew, theres God, capitol, 8-27-2014-hollie showed get moving, she walked, drank, looked good, but, not, its, missile, like fire works, exploding out of, russia we warn, obama said, 8-28-2014-bob, hollie showed, done, hollie and God said, its trucking jobs, its that, pointed, school, you will be in soon, thats hollie happy, being paid, man comes to, and puts hollie out, thats her climbing into truck, lets motor, soon lafayette, indiana, every day bob, saith God, 9-2-2014-bob, God said, hollie showed, thru with, its saia, they want you out, when you go, thats where your going, heres why they dont want you there, its, hollie looked around, new hollie, fix, she said, gave, its, pulley, they put on, it worked perfect and, now, van lasts forever, bob this is the part, I warned you of, saith God, 9-3-6-2014-bob, hollie appeared, looke at watch, face disappeared, its time for a job, saith God, bob, hollie showed get going, its bob leaving library, thats kenya, its in africa, it awakened, to a new level, they are afraid now, and people tremble, all because, tormented you, and they think, you are a woman, the bishop will let you go, most will, but will know about you, and laugh, cause God was wicked, and evil, and trembled everybody, most people think, katie morgan, its you, hollie said, is the one who had God in, saith God, 9-8-2014-she said, hollie said, showed, get going, but walk, she, only foot, in second vision, bob your translations, they need to be all over, not just one, saith God, many will see, but, you need to, move them all around, hollie appeared, I got smacked, she said, her, its, him, appearing, red hair, looking up to something, he smacked, not lupi, but somebody, bob stay away from them, they wont leave, but dont tempt, tell lupi, you knew, and now you see, saith God, so dont, he wont, its hollie, like ship mate, well dressed, its on board, the s.s. lusitania, with captain smith, many others, saith God, bob, hollie said, looked around, sh, she said, showed, its lupi lopez, hes not afraid, but wants to keep the church, offer him sublease, and angel lopez will right now, saith God, just watch, but hollie showed, sh, dont say, leave alone, you would not get anyway, its schnieder, trucking, saith God, 9-12-2014-jesus said, showed time, cartoon like hollie on watch, laughing, hollie showed turn, remember that, hollie said, he showed to use capitol letter, its in God, its in Jesus, bob people believe, thats hollie showing, its president obama, he trembled, doesnt know what to do, wonders about you, they say to him, God said, hollie showed get moving, your going to drive agains, its estes express line, they will rehire you, they wont want to know anything, hollie looked at light watch, its was, like new birdy hollie on, hollie took bath, 9-13-2014-she said, hollie said, showed get going, bob hollie left, got drink, she drank, showed feet, bob go now, hollie said, but, wait, she showed, appeared, 9-14-2014-it was the alarie somb, hollie said, somb, hollie said, its sireen, God said, its lexi, she will suck you, that you nutting, then hyou dump her, but she calls right back, bob once per day, tell her, but every once in awhile, more then once, you will get a job, thats hollie in a semi, happy, 9-13-2014-bob, God said, it was Jesus, hollie said, spoke it, saith God, 9-14-2014-bob, they told you, Jesus thought, rubbed chin, its accurate, they know it, watch and see, they will all, i lied, the jewish girl said, 9-17-2014-bob, they would have, there you are, presented by bill, as the new employee, of, end time, ministries, they cant hire you, saith God, 9-19-2014-bob, God and hollie said, set work clothes aside, when they look at you they wont care, bob, that, God and hollie said again, that, another said, she reappeared, happy, over weight, hollie in a fedex truck, hollie wanted to do all kind of thing, Jesus and hollie said, that, hollie said, danielle, that, showed play ball, have fun, God said, that, its hollie fucking janette agin, neither wanted, janette rolled over, bob, the bugs, they want water, go get them some, thats them drinking, and enjoying like, that, hollie said, man its cold, hollie said, shivering, they wanted you to be out there, tnats hollie on dock, they will not move you, call bill delucruz, and ask him, o.k. I dont need ya, he said, hung phone up, but spole with carmen, they bring you back and put you in the offce and you never leave, its dayton freight, its pope growing, its the beast with seven heads and ten horns, the antichrist, its kings popping out of horns, theres king of mexico, hollie came out, its g8, he said, hollie said, clapped hands, God said, do thats, its hollie driving for fedex freight, she spent money, here, she said, kept buying, but, its janette joining, bobby this is it, God said, it was Jesus, hollie said, tnats hollie on the google bar, thats googlebot hammo, looking to the side, on bar himself, just round head, boby it made people tremble, ghost, hollie said, people are seeing, and trembling, and you are sending it all over, now the holy ghost baptism is all over the world, and people wonder, nobody big found out, but people know, they are going to start trembling, and there you are working at fedex, and he will laugh with you, but you both are at two plants, bob people all over the world see this, i am starting to wonder, there is no way out and people are going to find you and will not bother you, but that man, he wants God to tell him something, and he laughed when he got world, but trembled in heart, tear up, -22-2014-that, hollie said, 9-25-2014-that, hollie said, pointed, but up, with thumb, its Jesus in the air, that, she said, spoke it, hollie said, its lupi lopez, giving the money, that, hollie said, 9-25-2014-remember that, hollie said, its president obama, thats man handing, him shaking in heart, hollie like hammo appearing, angelic head, its, ghost hollie, hollie mowed lawn, but, hey, she said, showed, pigs nose, bob, its you, thats trembling, they now know and, even barack, and they all wonder, its the beast, pope said, with seven heads a and ten horns, hollie came out, boy, shes changing, its, pope, and red dragon, saith God, 9-29-2014-hollie, 9-30=2014-hollie left, God said, she, thought, wondered, its lupi, she said, you made him, he knows, put it under, hollie showed, handing out, its, loot, now making, from, raise your hands and repeat after, she drove truck agin, watch, God said, 10-3-2014-she said, hollie showed get going, she packed, bob, she said, was, shakey, showed thumbs up, hey said, its the popes image, on thumb, like angel man, of light, Its, hollie said, I am God, pope said, hollie said, 10-6-2014-hollie comes out, showed, thru with it, bob, its, him, don, at, thats spinning, scene, gulley transport, bob they wanted you, and now will call, you will drive out there, and be refused, thats fedex freight, soon you will be clocking in there, then in truck, thats hollie in truck, its fedex freight truck, hollie drove, its for years, she said, thats her in accident, and they fired, dont, stay on dock, drive a little, they will offer, but much, saith the Lord, Jesus appeared, looking serious, hollie comes out, showed, thru with, its, at first, she said, spoke it, 10-9-2014-hollie comes out, its, it was she said, kids laughing, thats group running, bob, she thinks your cute, you can have her, look good and try, talking, but she wont, put it under, hollie looked at time, but no watch, theres, character, like cartoon birdy, laughing, was on watch, lighted dial, 10-11-2014-she said, hollie said, showed walk, God said, its lupe lopez, bob dont turn heat on, let him, he wont pay rent, and try to stay, you will put out, thats hollie, putting out lupe lopez, bob its time, now, God said, lighted shaft pointed, it was green, hollie said, but, oh, she said, it was yellow, she came out, color dont matter, anyhow, she spoke, 10-15-2014-no, she said, they both said, it was hollie, she appeared, showed, its the beast, pope, God said, hollie showed record, showed, its lupe lopez, bob you have to put them out, they wont pay, and will go somewhere else, put it under, God and hollie said, lets get physical, its you with your wife agin, she wont leave, and you wont make, thats her walking, and another coming, she comes back, and meets, but comes in, 10-16-2014-bob, hollie comes out, it was Jesus, she said, clapped, showed, Gods angry now, looking at you with, your going to cause trouble, thats german children laughing, its adolf hilters cousin, hes coming here, no hes not, mother, said, put it under, made me tremble, mom and dads, said, God said, bob hollie rose up, its charles, be nice, he wont bother you, he is embarrased, hollie said, its the beast rising up like a plant, its pope, hollie said, people are wondering, what is awrong with you, bob, be nice, these people are all trembling, bob people know, and thats the world, bob, Jesus came, showed jewish translation, its accurate, but they know, bob these people have money, they all want more thou, these sites are getting hits, you are getting about a million a month, its in the google cache, people are laughing at you right now, that woman would take the ten, but not care, bob, at christ temple apostolic faith church, bob go to the a.b.s.a., meet people again, they will like you but wont want you, you are getting tired, hollie showed, its the shawshank redemption, show is liked, but people watch star wars, and space shows, now you are tired, if you didnt go on sunday, and you are not going to, weaken this time, but strengthen, your cable t.v. Show, would be number one, 10-17-2014-bob, hollie said, he laughed, but he thought, mark you blew it, you should have not done that, but, they, buy, your church, but you can ask, they wont answer, but will look at, and, want you to stay out, saith God, bob, God said, hollie had on watch, she is laughing at you, and wants you to leave, we are not coming back, people hate this church, they want a church like your, God and many said, they want a real one, bob took bath, many people want you, not say one thing, now people are laughing, now we want to go home, time to sleep, jesus appeared, light watch, bob thats angel of light, coming down, like white angel, go hone, lay down, hollie cleaned, scrubber scubbed back, no hand, eyes on scrubber, bob lupe will have heaters on, thats all three blazing, it will work, but not when its real cold, now people are knowing, and wont care, saith God, its chew chew, hollie said, thats funnel steaming, its pioneer steam locomotive, and thnats it falling off train, they are still there, thats them in ocean, rusting away, bob go eat, mandy is in her thirties, people will let you go, just be nice, hollie showed, its beast, gowing like flower, its pope, thats him riding black horse, its into russia, thats hu, 10-19-20-2014-God entered into my body, like a spirit ghost body, and showed me visions: bob, she said, clapped hands, showed, get working, its stacking the pallet, bob its working, your causing the world, thats trembling, God said, that is, many black arrow, going out all over the world, people are being informed, and telling others, laughing, the world is falling away now, the whore is, it was Jesus, raise your hands and repeat after me, hollie comes out, sweatshirt on, it was gray, america appeared, but spetic tamk angel did to, hes hiding, hes in the septic tank, hes waiting untill, bob, go to sleep, your dying, your body is shutting down, i drove you to death, and it is time to die, you will not live much longer, but will out live nobody, hollie showed thru with, keep your septic tank clean, they will not come, after sunday, hollie put them out, another hollie pointed, lighted shaft like finger, it was like brown, hollie and God said, put it under, hollie showed sleep, but got back up, the r.m.s. Titanic appeared, bob, God said, dont, tell people, what you are doing, you are making me mad, and they tremble, saith God, 11-1-2-2014-hollie screamed, turn she said, showed, but hands not seen, but they were there, like white gloved hands. Bobby, como, God said, thats like, hollie said, hollie keeps screaming, showed its lupe lopez, thats hollie buying the heater, its for the church, lupe put it by pulpit, he left it there, but he told crrowd, bob bought for church, and he got another one, bobby its to keep him there, he will keep buying heaters and use them at church, bobby the, radiator heater, it is the best, but buy one of lupes, to want him, to not be jelous, dont do it, wait untill he gets cheaper in, he will turn them on to help church, warm up, they work, bob, God said, hollie looed at watch, theres birdy on lighted dial, it got bright, bob its right, God said, all your translations are now accurate, hits will pour in, and people will see, thats people in israel, she trembled in heart, see hollie said, lupe will love you if you buy, god said, bobby, hollie and god said, dont do no more, God is afraid, and wanting to strike you, but cant, because you will hit him, this is hollie, showed, shut it up, mouth, 11-3-2014-bob, God said, hollie showed thumbs down, its the church, in south korea, its full, but, ruint, put it under, your message is already there, saith God, 1-4-2014-bob, hollie said, its france, make uh new page, its, thats, page blasting out, advertising, its, going to do well, saith God, 11-5-2014-bob, its you and janette, you are embarrasing me, go to church tonight, saith God, they are wanting you me back, god said, put it under, God said, hollie looked at light watch, its time, like birdy on lighted dial, moving head, big beak, 11-6-2014-hollie showed, its the edmund fitzgerald, like uh happy ship, face on, angelic, becoming unhappy, you knew, pointed hollie, the captain said yes, and, he couldnt do, one thing, cause, its him, the owner, hes, showing, watch, ship is up soon, make money, face comes out of watch, like birdy face, angelic, but goes back, 11-10-2014-bobby, its japan, hollie showed, its, shaking, why, hollie said, showed whole country, bob, thats fucking katrina again, make her give, thats her butt hole, get, take, and you will, and she will marry you, but not leave, dont make her, work, its knight transportation, and I stamp, hollie said, quick, not seen, thats, hollie, doing like, airline, plane approach, its hand signals, its die hard two, bob, dont watch, get big, thats send out emails, its laptop, and, its, mcdonalds, God watched, like blue faced, thing, God said, 11-8-2014-she said, hollie said, showed, get going, she got drink, had on blue plad coat, its, light, and, not buttoned, she was thin, looked, good, bobby fix me, many said, Jesus, looked troubled bob its that, you are causing it, the great falling away, Jesus appeared, hollie clapped, but only one hand seen, it was him, hollie, he, uh one, she said, he, was other hand, hey, hollie said, he had on Michael Jackson glove, bob God said, hollie with long nose, showed, use capital, its, letter J, its for Jesus, hollie said, showed, wrap it up, she folded laptop, got drink and acted like drinking, but it was not there, bob, hear the lord, you are making me troubled, and telling, people theres no heaven or hell, today over four hundred, and im trembling, and wont let it go on, you will go home and sleep, and I will be awake, just watching, you are damaging this whole world, im the beast, hollie said, like dark hollie, putin appeared, I am, he said, God said, 11-14-2014-hollie showed, just post notes, thats you posting, its katie murphy, then transfer over, bob lupe will pay, and no smiles, cause he wont want to, but just ask, and he will send, or bring. tell him. do one or the other, hollie showed, its, signals for airplane to land, bob your going there, fedex freight, they will call you when you are out on the road, and you will leave, but wont want to come back, to nothing, saith God, 11-15-2014-she said, hollie pointed, showed no, but would, put it under, God and hollie said, hollie looked at light watch, bobby its time, God and hollie said, its janette coming back, and not knowing where you are, but finding out, its katrina, she told, janette trembled, and, she looked for you, and took almost one year, but when found, bob you were local, at saia transportation, put it under, hollie and God said, watch, saith God, I will bless you,